What is WQME FM?

WQME is a commercial FM radio station serving Central Indiana and broadcasting an Adult Contemporary Christian music format. WQME coverage area reaches nine counties in Central Indiana. WQME is an affiliate of CNN, a member of the Associated Press covering national, state, and local news. Indiana's Weather Man Paul Poteet, provides the daily weather forecast for the morning, afternoon, evening and overnight. We have emergency power generators at both the studios and the transmitter site and close communication with city and county emergency management. WQME is well equipped for our listeners in case of storm emergencies.

What type of music does WQME play?

WQME plays Adult Contemporary Christian music. The style and mix varies somewhat during the day and a more upbeat sound in the evening targeted toward young adults. Late Friday and Saturday evening, we feature youth oriented music on After Midnight. For a complete schedule of music and programs please see our air schedule.

Why don't I hear a particular artist or song on WQME?

There are several reasons. We may not have yet reviewed the song and put it into the play list. We listen carefully to every song before a decision is made as to whether or not it fits our format or the air sound we desire for WQME. Some great songs we personally enjoy aren't put on the air because they don't meet the interests of the larger audience. We know that not everyone will like every song and try to meet the interests of the core audience. Unfortunately, sometimes that means not airing certain songs.

Do you play music by local artists?

At this time, we're not able to routinely screen local artists' music which is not released on a Christian record label.

What concerts are upcoming in Central Indiana?

Listen to WQME and see Concert Billboard for more information.

Where are WQME's facilities located?

Our studios are at 1102 East Sixth Street in Anderson, Indiana. Our mailing address is 1100 East Fifth Street in Anderson. Our transmitter and tower site is in Pendleton. Send us a comment.

What giveaway days are upcoming?

Giveaway Days

What do I need to do to have my event announced on WQME?

Fax us the information at least two weeks in advance at 765 - 641- 3825 or fill out the Promote Event form.

It seems like WQME plays fewer commercials than other stations. Why?

Both the number and the length of commercials on WQME are limited by station policy. We play no more than 10 minutes of commercials each hour, unlike most stations that play up to 20 minutes or more.

We believe both listeners and advertisers benefit more when commercial time is limited. Based on the success of our advertisers, this seems to be true.

How much do commercials cost on WQME?

Our marketing consultants would be happy to discuss this with you. Please call us at 765-641-4349 or request information. .

Why didn't the announcer play my request?

Listeners are always free to call the Q-Line (765 - 641- 3800 or toll free 1 – 866 – 987 -WQME) to request a particular artist or tune. As much as possible, announcers will try to accommodate requests. But we can never guarantee to play a song because of format limitations. As much as possible, we try to provide music for all of our listeners not just one or a few.

What special programs does WQME carry?

See our air schedule.

Can my group get a tour of WQME's facilities?

We'd be delighted to host a tour for you. Give us a call at 765 - 641- 4349 a month in advance so that we may schedule this for your group.

Do you have any job openings?

WQME has no openings at this time.

If you're a high school or university student you may be able to learn with us.

That’s who we are. Thanks for listening to WQME!
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